Oppsummering (Fullt regelverk nedenfor)

  • Alle født i 2002 eller tidligere kan delta. Løpere født i 2001 eller 2002 kan kun delta i 34km
  • Påmelding på hjemmesiden kan skje til 31.mars klokken 19:00. Etter dette kan man melde seg på løpet i rennkontoret på rådhuset i Bardu
  • Transport av klær og utstyr (max 3kg) fraktes fra start til mål som en del av startavgiften
  • Sekk er ikke påbudt. Det er valgfritt og den veies ikke ved start og mål som ved tidligere renn
  • Startnummer deles ut på rådhuset i Bardu fredag fra 10:00 – 20:00 og lørdag 07:30-10:30
  • Påmeldingsavgift refunderes ikke dersom det ikke stilles til start
  • Alle løpere må ha passert ORTA innen 13:00 og KAMPENHYTTA innen 14:00



RACE REGULATIONS Organising body

The REISTADLOPET is organised by the Organising Committee (OC) from the sports clubs Bardu IL, IL Kampen and BOIF, info@reistadlopet, CEO Alexander Os.

The race is organised under the regulations of the Norwegian Ski Federation and FIS, and is part of the VISMA Ski Classics Long Distance Cup.

The race is to be held on 1.April 2017.


  1. 1. Distance and technique

The event will be held in CLASSIC technique on a 50K and 34K course. The race course is marked with kilometre markers every 5K, and every 1K the last 10K. Sprints are marked 500–200 –100m before the timing line. This will be supervised strictly all along the track by officials. There is no right to ask for “free way” for those who want to overtake another competitor.

The Jury has the right to penalise or disqualify competitors who do not obey these regulations.


  1. 2. Age limits
  2. a) The REISTADLOPET 2017 is open to all skiers, men or women who are born in 2000 and before.
    b) Years 2001 and 2002 may only participate in VSCR34K.
    c) Years 2003 and 2004 may only participate in VSCR34K without timing.


  1. 3. Registration/Race Office
  2. a) Registration may be made via the online registration system at from 09.2016 at 00:00 till Friday 31.03.2017 at 19:00
  3. b) Registration can be made at the Race Office at Setermoen, Bardu Town Hall from Thursday 30-03-2017 at 14.00-1700.
    c) Class VSCR34K without timing may register at the Race Office until Saturday 1.April 10.00h

d)To take part in the race it is necessary to be physically and technically prepared. When entering the race every participant assumes the responsibility of assuring they are properly trained to participate.







  1. 4. Entry fees and registration deadlines.


  Regular Regular No ranking No timing
Until 28.Feb-17 800 NOK 550 NOK 400 NOK 400 NOK
From 1.Mar-17 1000NOKNOK 750 NOK 550 NOK 550 NOK


Registration is valid only after payment of the entry fee and after all necessary documents are received by the organizing committee.

The entry gives the right to complete the race and to use all the services provided by the Organising Committee: list of services: start bib, feeding stations along the course and at finish, technical assistance on the course, pole exchange, medical assistance, transport of clothes from start to finish (max weight 3 kg and value not higher than the entry fee), timing, race packet.

All other expenses will be charged to the competitor.


  1. 5. Liability/insurance

All participants are entirely responsible for his/her state of health during the race and must have personal medical and liability insurance.

The organiser cannot be held responsible on any account in the event of an accident or failure due to bad health or to insufficient preparation.

The Organising Committee disclaims all liability in case of loss, theft or deterioration of equipment during transport, before, during and after the event.

The organisers of the competition have insurance iaw Norwegian Sports Association regulations.


  1. 6. Start number distribution time & location

The start numbers will be handed out at the Race Office at Setermoen, Bardu Town Hall, from:

Friday, 31.03.2017: 10:00 – 20:00

Saturday, 01.04.2017: 07:00 – 10:30
The Race Office is 350 meters from the start area.

In connection with the Race Office and start area there will be a Ski Village with multiple services.


  1. 7. Competitor cancellation and entry re-registration

In the case of not showing up, the entry fee will not be refunded.

Competitors who are unable to take part in the race may transfer their entry fee (not bib number) to a person of their choice. It is also possible to change the race distance provided that replacement numbers are available. The re-registration takes place by written application to sent before 20.03.2017 at 00:00, or directly at the Race Office. A fee may apply.


Participants starting under a false name will be disqualified.

In case of lost/left behind start bib 600 NOK replacement-fee must be paid.








  1. 8. Race cancellation

In case the organizer is forced to cancel the race due to force majeure before the race day, the organizer may keep 50% to cover its expenses. If the race is moved to a new date, the competitors who do not show up on the new race day will not be reimbursed the entry fee.
If the race is cancelled on the race day due to force majeure the organizer will keep the entry fee.



Starting blocks and seeding procedures


Waves Bib numbers Start time
VSCR Elite Woman Elite Woman 1100 8:45
VSCR Elite Men 101-300 9:00
VSCR 50K 301-1000 9:00
VSCR34K NO TIMING 1901-2300 9:15-10:00
VSCR 34K 1001-1900 10:30


For ELITE WOMAN / ELITE MEN the organizer will use VISMA SKI CLASSICS seeding. However the Race Director and organizer will solely decide if other skiers will be moved into the ELITE group based on previous results indicated in a mail to



For other VSCR 50K participants than ELITE classes, the organizer will base its seeding on previous results from an extensive list of races incl  VISMA SKI CLASSICS races. For international participants the organizer can solely consider seeding based on previous results from other races if indicated in a mail to before 20.MAR 2017.

All skiers must enter the start gate according to his/her start number. Participants who start from an earlier start corridor than their number are subject to disqualification.



For VSCR 34K participants the organizer will solely decide seeding of a “red group” of maximum 20 participants on previous results from an extensive list of races incl VISMA SKI CLASSICS races. For international participants the organizer can solely consider seeding based on previous results from other races if indicated in a mail to before 20.MAR 2017.

The rest of the VSCR34K participants will enter the start gate suitable for her/his anticipated finishing time, as in previous years.


VSCR34K have a long history with a separate class with NO TIMING. This class has a separate “start window” between 0915 –1000. This class may also start 10.30 behind the other classes.


The start list by start numbers will be published on the website 20.MAR 2017, 10 days before the race.





  1. 10. Start procedure
  2. a) The start order is mass start; the time starts from the moment of the gunshot for all the waves togethe
  3. b) The start will be given in waves according to the timetable above. The start gates will be open 15 min before the start of according wave.



  1. 11. Race Course, feeding stations and cut-off times

          VSCR50K will follow BLUE course and markings.
VSCR34K will follow RED course and markings.






Distance (50K / 34K)



Cut-off time Services
1.         Fossmyra 13,4K / 7K        Drinks and fruit
2.         Orta 19,8K / 13K 13:00h        Drinks and fruit
3.         Kampen 26,0K / 19,5K 14:00h Drinks and fruit
4.         Øverlitjønna 36,0K / 23,5K   Drinks and fruit
5.         Lavo 41,0K (50K only)   Drinks
6.         Finnish 50,0K / 34K   Drinks and fruit


All skiers must pass all check points to be ranked. Any skier who does not pass the TWO cut-off points (Orta, Kampen) within the indicated cut-off times will be taken out of the race; the timing chip will be removed, and they will be  transported by OC to the finish site.

In the case of withdrawal or abandon from the event, regardless of the motives, participants must inform the closest first aid post, or member of the organising committee at the nearest feeding station and hand over the timing chip. Skis may be changed during the race only if the skis or bindings are broken or damaged. The Competition Jury must be notified of the problem with damaged equipment immediately after finishing the event.


  1. Sprints


Where Type Prize
Storlømyra – 10K VSC official GREEN JERSEY VSC jersey points
Orta – 19,8K Queen&King of the Hill 50 300 Euro
Kampenhytta – 26K VSC official GREEN JERSEY VSC jersey points
Øverlitjønna – 36K Queen&King of the Hill 50 300 Euro


Where Type Prize
Orta – 13K Queen&King of the Hill 34 1000 NOK
Kampenhytta–19,5K Ole Reistad sprinten 1000 NOK






  1. Medical service during the race and emergency number

Medical services are available at medical stations indicated on the official course map.

Write the name of your emergency contact person on the reverse side of your bib.


  1. 14. Shuttle service/transportation/parking

The transportation to the start at SETERMOEN from RUSTADHØGDA (finish area) and back from the finish area to SETERMOEN is not included in the entry fee.

Bus tickets cost 100 NOK and must be purchased from the bus driver.

Time tables of the shuttle service:

  • 0700, 0730, 0830, 0900 from RUSTADHØGDA

Parking at the start and finish areas is free.

Please take your time while driving and allow for enough time to accommodate to slow traffic.



  1. 15. Accommodation

For all accommodation requests and travel arrangements please feel free to contact the organizer at:


  1. 16. Luggage service

The organizer provides a clothing bag identified with the start number for each participant for the transport of personal belongings with a maximum weight of 3 kg from the start to the finish area.

Bags must be deposited by the participant in the provided trucks parked near the start area to be transported to the finish.


  1. 17. Finish services

At the finish area you will find the last feeding station, the luggage from the starting area, showers and a Ski Village with multiple services. Result boards will be available.


  1. 18. Timing procedures

Start numbers must be visible from the front and back during the entire race and the timing chip must be attached properly to assure racer’s results. After exiting the finish corridor, the timing chip must be returned to the organiser. In the event of a lost chip, please notify the organisers immediately. If a racer abandons or does not participate in the event, the timing chip must be returned to organisation. Participants are responsible for the chip from the moment the start bib is handed out until it is returned at the finish. Lost or non-returned chips will result in a penalty of 600 NOK



  1. 19. Awards ceremony

Prize ceremony part 1 is the official VISMA SKI CLASSICS flower ceremony for VSCR50K on the stadium immediately after the finish of the best male and female.
Part 2 of the official prize ceremony all classes in the Ski Village, time tbd.

First year participants can pick-up their “1st Year Pin” at the Race Office in the Ski Village.




  1. 20. Doping control

Doping tests will be carried out in accordance with the regulations of WADA and all participants must cooperate. Refusal of

testing will be considered equal to a positive doping result.


  1. 21. Data protection

Personal details given upon registration will only be used for the race database and will not be given out to third parties.


  1. 22. Image rights

By entering the competition, participants allow the organizing committee, its partners and media in general, to use images in which he/she appears, taken on the occasion of his/her participation in the competition, on any media including promotional and/or advertising documents, all over the world and for the longest statutory duration.


  1. 23. Littering/waste areas

Participants are asked to respect the environment. There will be waste areas on the race course before and after every feeding station and at other specially assigned sections. Please dispose of your waste (drink bottles, gel tubes etc.) next to the course. Do not throw waste into the forest or in road ditches as it will be hard for the cleaning crew to find it after the event.

It is prohibited to litter outside of the waste areas, violators will be sanctioned or disqualified.


  1. 24. Respect of volunteers and race officials

All skiers must respect the volunteers and OC members. Inappropriate behaviour towards the volunteers and organiser may result in a penalty or disqualification.


  1. 25. Use of audio equipment during the race

For safety reasons it is forbidden to use audio equipment (earphones) during the race.



  1. 26. Racer conduct

Ski marathons involve competitors with a wide range of experience and ability, good sportsmanship and courtesy towards other competitors are essential.



  1. 27. Accepting the regulations

By completing the registration each participant acknowledges having read the race regulations and accepts them unconditionally. Offenses may lead to

disqualification for current or future events and the forfeit of any or all awards.












  1. 28. Protests

All protests concerning race results and breaking the regulations etc. must be brought up to the Jury as follows:

  • Concerning issues during the race: 30 min after passing the finish line
  • Concerning timing/result: 30 min after official results are released.
  • The amount of 100 NOK must be deposited with the submittal of the prote


Jury consists of FIS Technical Delegate (chairman), Assistant Technical Delegate

and Race Director.


  1. 29. Other unforeseen cases will be solved by the Organising Committee.