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April 7th, 2018.

34 or 50km in classic technique.
An Arctic ski experience between ocean and mountains.

“Thoughest 50K race in Visma Ski Classics season 2017!”


Reistadløpet was arranged for the first time in 1958 and is one of the ski races in Norway with the richest traditions. The race was established in memory of Colonel Ole Reistad, He was a great skier and athlete well-known for having led the Norwegian ski patrol to victory in the Olympic championships in St. Moritz in 1928.

Reistadløpet, at a latitude of 69° North, is the northernmost of all the races in the Visma Ski Classics.  There are two different races to choose from – one being 50 kilometres long and the other 34 kilometres long, both running through a stunning arctic scenery from Setermoen to Bardufoss. There is also a race for the children – “Barnas Reistadløp”.

Registration fee

20/10-28/2 1/3-31/3
50km Classic Women NOK 800,-       NOK 1.000,- Start 08.45
50km Classic Men NOK 800,-       NOK 1000,- Start 09.15
                                  34km Classic (Tur) NOK 550,-       NOK 750,- Start 09.15
                                  34km Classic (Trim) NOK 400,-       NOK 550,- Start 09.15
                                  Military Start 09.15

Reistadløpet – Pure Arctic Madness! 

Setermoen and Bardufoss are easily accessible by plane, bus or car. There will be bus transportation between Start and Finish before and after the race.

Finish Zone

We have made some adjustments to the trail in the Finish Zone. The VSC50K is a bit shorter, and the VSC34K is a bit longer.

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Race Regulations

REISTADLOPET 2018  Raceregulations Reistadlopet 2018

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Accommodation and LowCost Offer

In the link belove you will find a list of the nearest accommodation offers incl prices and distances to start and finish. With a couple of exceptions, these are within one hour drive to either start or finish. In addition to this,...

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Previous winners

Previous winners since 1964 (Women) Year Name Club Time 1964 Rigmor Vanebo BOIF 3:14:28 1965 Asbjørg Skottvoll Bardu 3:15:00 1966 Wally Pettersen Kræmer 3:41:49 1967 Eli T Hellandsjø Tromsdalen 4:22:15 1968 Randi Bjerkaas Harstad 3:12:24 1969 Sigrun Pedersen Bjerkvik 2:36:56 1970...

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